Which is better? Aluminium Gates or Composite gates?

Composite Gates

Being the most cost effective option of the two, the longevity of this option can be an issue. The Nature of the composite plastic panels, depending on the brand of some cheaper options can warp and bend if subjected to a heat wave. This is primarily why you don’t see this options as you venture into hotter climates. Although a nice looking, modern and cost effective option can be made in a short turn around. if you aren’t planning on keeping the gate for a very long time this is a great option.

Composite Gates

Composite gates are usually constructed inside of a black steel panel with the composite inserted to create a fully boarded gate. Always check the specifications of the composite panelling to make sure you are getting a durable material that’s going to stand the test of time.

Aluminium Gates

With many brands available, the aluminium gates market is growing faster than ever. Due to the natural properties of Aluminium it’s essentially a ‘set it and forget it’ option. With Aluminium being incredibly Malleable, free from corrosion and lightweight; it can be shaped in various designs and styles.

low down semi open boards anthracite grey aluminium gates

If you would like your Aluminium Gates to resemble the look of wrought iron gates, that can be achieved. If you would like an ultra-modern looking gate with LED Lighting inside, that can be achieved. If you want a small cost effective gate for keeping the dogs in, that can also be done.

How are my Aluminium Gates being made?

This differs greatly from brand to brand, so some can be made with thin profiles that are permanently stuck together, so when it comes to damage, the whole gate has to be replaced. Horizal gates are completely modular so a single section can easily be replaced. Saving time and money.

Some gates are made with single aluminium panels, similar to composite gates, which are slotted together inside of an aluminium frame. It can look quite cheap and cheerful to the naked eye. So always view an example in person before placing the order. If any aluminium gate supplier has a showroom available, we highly recommend viewing and feeling the product to check the quality.

The highest quality gates are made via a CNC Machine, creating a consistent and accurate design with smooth edges, thick profiles and modular composition. This makes installation times shorter with gates being hung within an hour or two. The only issue being the long lead times due to the high demand.

What are the lead times?

Some manufacturers offer a 6-8 week lead time, the standard lead time is roughly 8-10 weeks. If you go for a standard RAL in a common design this can bring the lead time down.

What are the guarantees?

Horizal Gates have a 10 year guarantee for the entire life span of the gate. Some companies may offer different guarantees. I would always trust the quality of the product over the length of the guarantee. You want to mitigate as many issues you may have for the gates lifespan.

The added bonus of having aluminium gates are the recyclability. You can recycle the material and have a completely new shape made.