All of the HorizAL gates can be fully automated to make your property more secure & convenient to use, especially beneficial with all of the awful weather we get in this country!

All of our “HorizAL gate installers are very experienced in Gate Automation will be able to give you all of the necessary advice you are looking for, to create the optimum solution for your own individual requirements.

Once they have assessed the site layout they would recommend a fully operational automation system, what range of intercoms they offer & any other additional access control products that they think would be of real benefit to you.

The process is straightforward & with years of experience in this field, there are no site specific issues that our HorizAL gate installers will not have encountered before.

Whilst your gate/s are being manufactured, our installer will come to your site and do any preparation work, such as installing foundation pads or tracking for sliding gates, maybe concreting foundation boxes in for swing gates or even cabling & road-crossings. Once all the first fix / preparation work is done, you will be ready for your gate/s to be fully installed. This may take a day or more, with any electrical work following on after that.

Once up & running, our Installer will perform all of the industry required safety tests and procedures & on completion, train you in how to use your gate safely, what to do in the event of a power-cut and provide you with a handover pack / certification.

We always recommend that your gates are in a service & maintenance scheme, which is something for you to discuss with the installer.